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6 New Functions in Langie S2 (2019)

Updated: Dec 14, 2018

There will be a new Langie S2 Model coming soon in the beginning of the 2019. There are up to 6 more functions you have to know about Langie.

1. Wifi Hotspot

In S2, Langie allowed to insert the sim card. At the same time which can also support you sharing the internet to your other devices of phone and computer from Langie S2.

2. Call

Langie S2 support you to call your friends in everywhere.

3. Alarm Clock

Set your Langie S2 alarm clock you wake you up on time.

4. Radio

You can have your own entertainment time through Langie. Now, Langie S2 supports photo player (album), videos player, music player and also radio.

5. Multi Dictionary

To improve the learning experiences. The multi-dictionary is added to the Langie S2, which support you to speak or type the word in order to find out the explanation. You can also share the result to our other Langie users in Langie Languages Club in Langie S2.

6. Langie Language Club

This is a good news for someone who like the other countries' culture, learning new languages and meeting new friends. Our new function in the Langie S2 Langie Language Club supports the Langie S2 users to chat with others and also share the vocabularies and translation when they online. Where everyone can be a teacher and a learner, as making friends is the best way to learn culture and languages.

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